Talkin’ Bout My Generation

I have some personal thoughts about my generation and the OBL killing for later, but I think Courtney articulates this pretty well.


“It’s because for half of our entire lives we have lived with scary and creepy stuff like Taliban, al Qaeda, jihad, and the threat of terrorism on a mass attack scale from the indescribable horrors we saw live on TV that day — with almost daily threats from various branches of aQ that they would gladly kill more Americans anyway and anytime they could”


2 thoughts on “Talkin’ Bout My Generation

  1. Actually, I’m still in the same mode of thinking as back in the mid-90’s when I got annoyed by lots of really bad B-movies and video games which replaced the evil Russians stereotype with the evil Arab stereotype terrorists.
    I’ve yet to see a single movie paying proper credit to the fact that tired bus drivers kill way more Westerners than terrorists do.
    Imagine that – horror/action movies about bus drivers.
    That wouldn’t work. There’s no evil, evil leader who could be killed.
    Hunting and killing terrorist leaders doesn’t work nearly as well in reality as it does in fiction, of course. There’s especially no happy end – because there’s no end.

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